There are a total of 16 shops at the Gauntlet which range in size and cost. They rent from 89.00 - 300.00 per week, the rent level is governed by size, zone, and Lease terms. Generally the nearer to the High street, the higher the cost. The Cheaper units are positioned towards the rear ,the car park end. The medium priced units are positioned in the centre of the Gauntlet.

The terms of the leases are flexible as they run from 5-10 years with a break clause if required. The shops run between the St Johns car park and the High street. The sizes and positioning are indicated on the plan.

Although we have those that remain with us for many years ,our niche is the "starter market". The Gauntlet is where the budding new Businesses can "dip a toe into the water" , as the rent is affordable, the lease flexible, and perfectly positioned in close proximity to the Town centre. If that's not enough, there is currensmall business rate relief of up to 100% . What can be better than to have a unit in the main thoroughfare from the car park to the town centre with all the advantages listed above.

We at the Gauntlet receive hundreds of thousands of visitors from near and far, we know this as we have installed state of the Art Footfall cameras that are independently verified.

If you are interested in being considered for a shop in the future then please contact us with your details. To start trading you will only be required to pay 1 months rent in advance and services in advance + Rent Bond and lease contribution for and a credit reference fee for up to two people.

For plans and technical information please click here to visit our downloads area.

For more information email: [email protected]