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Would you like a Boutique shop at the double winning spectacular "The Gauntlet Shopping Thoroughfare” and take advantage of the thousands of tourists that visit Glastonbury each year? Thousands of independently verified Tourists recorded by footfall cameras ,independently verified .

The natural pedestrianised link that leads from the fully facilitated St Johns car park to the High street in the heart of the town centre, gives you the trading advantage to sell your merchandise or service confident of the level of footfall.

The town of Glastonbury is predominantly considered to be "recession proof" due to its unique status. It is certainly very different from the stereotypical cloned towns elsewhere. Our specialist Boutique shops stocking a unique range of rare and interesting products and services are largely unavailable elsewhere in the U.K. We have a niche for the starter market that will give the new budding business confidence that the Town is largely unaffected by the general economic market to the extent of most of the other cloned towns.

Its alternative element encourages various festivals and events ,some examples of these are The Famous Glastonbury Festival , The Pagen festival , The Goddess conference, Frost Fair , The Glastonbury Carnival, The Extravaganza , Green gathering and many more.

Glastonbury (Ancient Isle of Avalon) is a town like no other , steeped in history, full of legends ,myths , magic and mystery ,and as such is considered by many to be the heart Shakra and esoteric capital of the world.

The vibrant all season economic community, offers a fantastic opportunity for healthy trading activity ,which comes from being part of a popular world wide brand.

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The formula for calculations are worked out as follows;

Rent & Services + vat x 12 /52

For Key

1x Months Rent & Services + Vat
Rent Deposit Bond
Lease Contribution
Tenant Referencing
Signage contributio

All shops have their own Electric meter/supply and specific shops have water supply.

For more information email: [email protected]