We would like to make things as easy as possible so we have provided F-A-Qs

Q ) Who manages the Gauntlet and what is the name of the company and contact?

A ) Glastonbury Retail Lettings are the commercial Managing Agent of the Gauntlet and are situated at Unit 21The Gauntlet.

Q ) What proportion do I pay towards the services?

A ) The agent should have made you aware of the service charges applicable to your unit. Each unit contributes a fair proportion towards the services, this is calculated by the size of unit, by dividing the total usable retail area to formulate a percentage. The percentage then represents the amount that is due per unit.

Q ) Who does the shop fitting?

A ) We don't have our own shop fitting dept although we do have skilled trademen that we can recommend.

When you are doing any work with the “electrics” it is compulsory to use a professional who is qualified and will sign off the safety certificate. We would prefer to use our in house electrician who will I am sure be only to pleased to assist you.

Q ) Can we choose our own sign and design? and do we pay for the internal signs?

A ) It is normal practice to show the landlord what you have in mind, unless it is extremely inappropriate then there should not be a problem. Signage can be contracted through our Recommended Signage erecters
All internal name signs are charged to the incoming tenants for fixing and removal.

Q ) Can we paint the outside of our shop?

A ) No, the shop is painted and maintained by the service dept and stays the same colours. However you can paint the inside and the outside sign of which you are responsible.

Q) How quick can we move in ?

A) It is possible to move in within a few hours providing all monies are paid and the lease is signed

Q ) Do we need our own insurance?

A ) You contribute towards the building Insurance costs incorporated in the service charges, however you will need contents insurance which is to be tailor made to suit your business.

Q ) Can you recommend someone to build a website?

A ) Yes we do have a Website Business that offer a discount to any Gauntlet customers.